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Eastern Cables Ltd. with it’s office and factory at Patenga, Chittagong was established in 1967 and started its commercial production on 1st March 1971 for manufacturing of cables and conductors. Eastern Cables Limited, a subsidiary Company of Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC) is the biggest cables and conductor manufacturer in Bangladesh. The range of its products not only includes PVC insulated and PVC sheated single core and multi core low tension domestic cable but also control, flexible and power cables with copper conductor having continuous permissible voltage grade up to 12 KV. It also enjoys the honour of being the pioneer in this country in the production of armoured and screened cables. The different sizes of bare and insulated All Aluminium Conductor (AAC) and Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) are also being manufactured here.    






Quality Control >>>>


Cables and Conductors are manufactured here strictly according to the international standard specification. This stamp of quality is ensured by the facts that the cables are being manufactured under license from the world-renowned Kabel-werke-reinshagen of Germany. It is a matter of great pride that the fruits of accumulated experience of Kabel-werke-reinshagen enriched by its constant research and development  work over a period of hundred years is being shared by Eastern Cables Limited from its very inception.Quality control laboratories and modern PVC compounding plant ensure the physical, chemical and electrical properties of all products as per standard specification. PVC cables are manufactured in Eastern Cables Limited  mainly according to Bangladesh Standard (BDS), German Metric Standard (VDE), and British Metric Standard. Bare and insulated AAC and ACSR conductors are also manufactured here according to B.S and ASTM. On demand, cables and conductors are also manufactured here according to any International Standard.

Awards  >>>>  

Eastern Cables Limited has achieved ISO 9002:1994 Certificate on 26.03.2003 and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate on 22.04.2004 by developing quality management system. Eastern Cables Limited has also achieved the National Export Trophy several times for its great contribution to the national export. Eastern Cables Limited is the associate member of Bangladesh Electrical Association, Dhaka, and Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chittagong.


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