At a Glance

Established                        :In 1970 under license from the world renowned cable manufacturerKable-Werke-Reinshangen

                                              GmbH of Germany.

Commercial Production     : In 1971

Public Limited Company    : In 1986

Management                        : Board of Directors

Share                                    : Government- 51%, Private- 49%

No. of Stocks                       : 240,00,000 Nos@10/= each share

Land                                      : 37.69 Acres

Man Power                           : 308 Nos

Capital                                   : Authorized Capital Tk 60.00 Crore, Paid-up Capital Tk 24.00 Crore

Capacity                                : Installed Capacity 7300 MT Per Year

                                                Attainable Capacity 4500 MT Per Year

Measure Raw Materials      : 9.5mm Aluminium Wire, 8.0mm Copper Wire, PVC Resin, DOP, Stabilizer for PVC Compound, Chalk Powder, SOOT Paste,ParaffinWax,SteelCore,Steel Flat Wire,Steel Strip etc.

Quality & Standard of the Products:As per Bangladesh standard (BDS), German Metric Standard (VDS), British Metric Standard (BS).

Products                       :

  1. a) PVC insulated and PVC sheathed single and muti-core tension Domestic Cable with Cu Conductor.
  2. b) Power Cables both LT & HT (Including Armoured& Screened Cables) with Cu Conductor having continuous permissible grade up to 1KV for LT & up to 12KV for HT
  3. c) Different sizes of bare & insulated all AluminiumConductor(AAC) &Aluminium Conductor Steel Re-inforced(ACSR). Also Produces Control Cables& Flameretardent (FR) Cables.

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